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Black and White Abstract Texture


Technique: Glass casting, Lost wax, Pate-de-Verre

Size: 25 cm (H) x 50 cm (W) x 10 cm (D)

This project is the positive of the Society project.
There is a circle of eighteen figures held tight in a circle and leaning on each other but not supported. The viewer can ask if there is a dialogue between them? They don't seem to care about those next to them. 

This project consists of 3 sculptures of the 3 monotheistic religions icons: Judaism - Star of David, Christianity - Cross and Islam - half Moon, represented figuratively to say that somewhere along the way we forgot that religion was created to serve us humans and not the other way around. Over the last few decades religions have become stronger in communities we weren't expecting and in each of these religions, women are suppressed and we find strange fundamentalism taking over. 

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