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Black and White Abstract Texture

What is the Melting Pot in the Modern Society

Technique: Glass casting, Relief, Lost wax,

Size: 55 cm (H) x 75 cm (W) x 15 cm (D)

It consists of 6 parts which together form a circle whereby 18 figures are reflected from the glass. The figures are leaning on each other but not supported by each other, They don't have arms. What keeps them together is the circle where they are closed in. The sculpture represents modern societies these days which are composed of immigrants from different ethnic groups and cultures. The way the figures are standing in the circle, asks the viewer is there a melting pot which can connect different groups and create a unified society and if so what is this melting pot?
The colors represent the various ethnic groups with all its rainbow colors which comprise a modern society these days.
The figures start in one part and can continue on the part next to it, and hence the colors of each of the parts start and end with the same colors as the parts next to it. This symbolises the melting pot.

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